Mary Street Renovation

On this particular job we were hired to completely renovate the house in Toowoomba from what it was into what it is now in a short period of time. The owner was wishing to buy and sell this home quickly.

When we first arrived at this home, it was looking very tired and dated. After discussing with the owner what his ideas were for the house we developed a plan on what we were to do and how we were going to accomplish this.

We started with cutting down some very large room sizes to better utilise the space. By doing this we were able to turn one large bedroom area into a bedroom, office and laundry. Taking the laundry from the main bathroom and moving it to the back of the house allowed for more room to utilise the previously limited bathroom. The kitchen renovations included installed new cupboards and stone tops breathed new life into an old area. With a complete re-paint and sanded wooden floors the inside of this house came up trumps.

Moving to the outside we added a gable entry walkway and handrail to the front steps to give an inviting feel to the home. The owner was very happy with the outcome of his home renovations and we hope to continue further work for them in the future.